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Download Mobile Management 3.1

Mobile Management 3.1 provides organizations with real-time visibility and control of a variety of mobile devices, regardless of operating system, liability, carrier, or email platform.

Key Capabilities

  • Mobile Device Support: Support iOS, Android, Symbian S60, Windows Mobile 6, and all ActiveSync-enabled devices.
  • Policy Creation and Enforcement: Provide both Corporate and Individual policies to allow different settings for corporate-owned devices and employee-owned devices.
  • Manage Policies Using Time-based Schedules: Enforce different policies based on time of day. When your workers clock out, switch over to a different set of controls and/or restrictions.
  • Application Control: Ensure that only approved applications are run on devices. Use blacklists to block applications and whitelists to allow applications. Provide access to corporate-approved applications.
  • Device Control: Enable and disable device features, lock devices remotely, list shared files and approved applications, and more.
  • File Sharing: Share files with devices by creating a directory of shared folders.
  • Real-Time Device Information: View real-time device information such as battery, memory, and card memory usage; carrier signal strength; encryption status; and device model number and OS version.
  • Self-Service Portal: Enable users to log in through a Web portal to locate their device, reset the password, lock the device, clear the device and the device storage, and perform a selective wipe or full wipe of the device.
  • Centralized Management: Use the centralized dashboard to manage policies and devices, to monitor the activity of devices, and to generate reports. Use OpenID to enable administrative login to the dashboard through an external sources (Facebook, Google, Yahoo!, and ZENworks 11 Control Center).
  • LDAP Support: Leverage your LDAP directory for user and administrator authentication, hands-off enrollment of users, and user and group policy assignments.

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