As part of a broad infrastructure renewal project, Catharina Ziekenhuis is deploying Endpoint Lifecycle Management Suite. Once fully deployed, the integrated our software will offer automated, identity-driven lifecycle management capabilities from a central point of control.

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About Catharina Ziekenhuis

Located in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, Catharina Ziekenhuis is a clinical training hospital that specializes in cardiology and oncology. With 696 beds and more than 3,000 employees, Catharina Ziekenhuis is the largest hospital in the region.


Catharina Ziekenhuis is one of the top clinical training hospitals in the Netherlands and works hard to maintain this leading position, constantly seeking new ways to improve patient care and organizational security. Technology plays a crucial role in this strategy: the hospital relies on some 2,600 PCs running a total of 800 different applications to support users in a variety of areas.

Managing this complex infrastructure has become a complicated task for the Information, Communication and Medical Technology (ICMT) service group at Catharina Ziekenhuis, and requires the effort of 35 FTEs.

"We have reached a situation where our ICT architecture has grown outdated, making it difficult for us to roll out new applications and service packs to our large user base,” said Paul van den Hout, ICMT Operations Manager at Catharina Ziekenhuis. “Packaging and distributing new medical applications is tedious and error-prone, and it is difficult to guarantee the smooth running of critical processes.”


Catharina Ziekenhuis recognized that a significant infrastructure upgrade was required to bring greater stability and manageability to its extensive ICT landscape. The hospital has drawn up a two-year plan aimed at creating a reliable, future-proof computing environment.

To provide efficient, simplified management of its new infrastructure, Catharina Ziekenhuis has chosen the Endpoint Lifecycle Management Suite, which includes ZENworks® Configuration Management, ZENworks Asset Management and Application Virtualization. Working together, these solutions offer automated, identity-based management capabilities from a central point of control.

“We evaluated offerings from Microsoft alongside the Novell (now a part of Micro Focus) solution, and it was clear that Novell had the edge,” said van den Hout. “Endpoint Lifecycle Management Suite offers all the functionality we require in one integrated solution, which will make it easy for us to distribute and manage applications for our large user base. The solution’s high degree of integration with Microsoft Active Directory was also highly compelling, and the inventory list provided by Novell software is even more extensive than Microsoft’s own list.”

Catharina Ziekenhuis is currently building a test environment for its new ZENworks applications. Once this pilot phase is complete, the hospital will work closely with Business Partner Activity to manage the implementation step-by-step. Catharina Ziekenhuis expects to complete its transition to a new ICT infrastructure by the end of 2014.


Once the Endpoint Lifecycle Management Suite is fully operational, Catharina Ziekenhuis expects to reduce the amount of time and effort required to manage its ICT environment, as well as overall support costs.

“Endpoint Management solutions will make it possible for us to do more with less money and effort,” said van den Hout. “This is very important as we have strict budget restrictions, so keeping a tight control on IT costs is a top priority. By integrating and automating the management of devices and users, we will be able to reduce the number of staff required for maintenance and support.”

With Endpoint Lifecycle Management Suite, Catharina Ziekenhuis will also be able to better support its large ICT infrastructure. Software distribution will be simplified: automated deployment capabilities will eliminate the need for manual application packaging and distribution, and version control will be streamlined. As a result, the hospital expects to cut the time taken to package a new application from eight hours to around two hours—a reduction of 75 percent.

Importantly, the Endpoint Management Solutions will enable Catharina Ziekenhuis to accelerate its migration to Windows 7, and will enable efficient support and maintenance of the new environment.

“Not all of our applications are compatible with Windows 7, but ZENworks will optimize them to run in a Windows 7 environment,” said Joop Vrins, ICMT Architect at Catharina Ziekenhuis. “This will allow us to manage the transition more smoothly, and will reduce the time taken to complete the migration by several months.”

When the implementation is complete, Catharina Ziekenhuis will gain a future-proof computing environment that will help the hospital to react more nimbly to new developments.

“Application Virtualization will provide us with a fast and easy way of virtualizing applications, so that they can run securely on any device without the need for additional configuration,” said Vrins. “This will allow users to access the applications they need, wherever they are, and will provide us with greater flexibility and agility as an organization.”

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Clinical training hospital specializing in cardiology and oncology.


Health Care






  • Will reduce the cost and effort of managing large numbers of users and devices

"Endpoint Lifecycle Management Suite offers all the functionality we require in one integrated solution, which will make it easy for us to distribute and manage applications for our large user base."

Paul Van Den Hout
ICMT Operations Manager
Catharina Ziekenhuis

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