Aiming to strengthen customer loyalty by offering streamlined service management capabilities, Cherrylabs decided to implement Service Desk to ensure an integrated and fully controlled approach to monitoring and maintaining its customers’ systems and applications. Cherrylabs is now able to offer top-quality service management to its customers, boosting satisfaction and strengthening loyalty, which gives it a valuable edge on competitors.

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About Cherrylabs

Headquartered in Bangalore, India, Cherrylabs provides innovative, affordable IT services and solutions to corporate clients, specializing in cloud, software engineering, and application load testing.


One of the most critical aspects for all IT service providers is to help customers identify and resolve potential IT issues rapidly and securely. The service provider must adhere to strict service level agreements to ensure top-quality service to customers and, ultimately, strengthen their loyalty and retention.

With customers trusting Cherrylabs to provide hassle-free, round-the-clock monitoring and maintenance for their most critical systems and data, the company must ensure that its internal processes are efficient, informed and tightly controlled.

The existing service management platform at Cherrylabs lacked the ability to provide integrated monitoring and resolution services. This was starting to severely limit the company’s service management capabilities and—in the worst-case scenario—it could potentially have caused dissatisfied customers to defect to better-equipped competitors.

Faced with this challenge, Cherrylabs sought a service management solution that would facilitate monitoring tasks and support rapid and reliable resolution of customers’ IT services issues, minimizing any potential disruption to their business operations.


After evaluating several ticketing and service management solutions available on the market, Cherrylabs decided to deploy Service Desk.

Shanmugam P., principal consultant for Cherry-- labs said: “We found Service Desk to be a perfect fit for us, both from a price and service management perspective. We weren’t simply looking for a platform with basic ticketing capabilities: we needed a solution that could help us to go the extra mile by leveraging reporting and an ITIL service management framework. This would help us better align our managed services to our customers’ business needs.

“The fact that Service Desk would allow us to create a centralized, knowledge-driven repository for all our service management information tilted the balance in its favor.”

Service Desk provides a scalable, open architecture that seamlessly integrates with Cherrylabs’ service-management environment. The solution supports ITIL v3 standards for processes across change management, incident management and service-level management, and is both fast to deploy and easy to use. The solution comes pre-integrated with all major asset management tools and—by enabling the integration of third-party applications via web services—removes the high costs typically associated with enterprise integration projects.

“The Web 2.0 architecture of Service Desk gives us access to a broader range of choices by supporting the latest web technologies,” said the consultant. “With Service Desk we are not tied to a specific browser or plugin, because the solution supports every browser on every operating system and embraces the most recent and advanced web technologies.”


With the Service Desk solution in place, Cherrylabs has succeeded in consolidating and integrating its ticketing and service management requirements within a single, centralized solution.

The consultant said: “Thanks to Service Desk, we can now set up a complete, scalable, ITIL-compliant service-management solution for a new customer in a matter of days. We can now perform customizations directly, by deploying simple configuration options and style changes, thus removing the typical time-consuming implementations and long-term consulting contracts often required for other service management solutions.”

Service Desk provides Cherrylabs with an intuitive, easy-to-use, browser-based interface, offering fast and easy access to information and rapid return on investment.

The consultant said: “Service Desk has immediately proven to be the ideal platform. With this solution, we now boast smarter and more streamlined service-management capabilities, and are able to offer robust, state- of-the-art services to our customers, boosting their satisfaction and reinforcing loyalty and retention.”

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Cherrylabs is an IT services and solutions provider, specializing in cloud, software engineering, and application load testing.





Asia Pacific



  • Consolidated and integrated ticketing and service management requirements within a single, centralized solution
  • Boosted customer satisfaction and reinforced loyalty and retention
  • Enabled on-the-go customization by deploying simple configuration options and style changes

"“We found Service Desk to be a perfect fit for us, both from a price and service management perspective.”"


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