ZENworks helped the IT team at CTA Architects Engineers create new offices ten times faster, while reducing travel time by 80%.

About CTA Architects Engineer

CTA Architects Engineers is a rapidly growing architectural, engineering and planning firm with 12 office locations in the western United States. CTA provides services to clients such as Dell Computers, Whole Foods Market, Gold's Gym, Boyne USA Resorts, Les Schwab Tire Center and The Schwan Food Company on projects throughout the U.S. and at selected locations in Canada and Central America.


In the past five years, CTA has opened eight new regional offices in the western U.S. to address the needs of its growing client list. A small, centralized IT team was overwhelmed trying to support clients in these new offices, as well as those in existing offices. The team was spending most of its time on the road setting up each new office, as well as visiting others to provide updates and patches.

When back at headquarters, new technologies were kept on the shelf as the team spent endless hours on support calls. With IT central to the success of each office, CTA risked slowing its business growth without a solution to automate desktop management.


CTA learned about ZENworks® at BrainShare® and knew immediately that it was the right desktop management solution for its fast-growing business. The company also selected  ZENworks Patch Management to automatically apply patches across its enterprise.

“With ZENworks, we could immediately see the potential for change in our organization,” said Jeff Keller, IT director at CTA Architects. “We would no longer have to keep our IT team constantly on the road.”

Our consultants spent two days installing ZENworks at CTA's headquarters, creating the right formula to roll it out to regional offices in just a few weeks.

After implementing ZENworks, CTA rolled out a new accounting application to its entire enterprise within an hour. In the past, such a distribution would have kept the IT team on the road for a month. A single IT administrator can now set up a new office in a fraction of the time it took a team before, allowing CTA to grow its business at a much faster rate.

One system administrator in CTA's headquarters uses ZENworks to manage nearly 100 applications. The IT team no longer has to travel constantly to regional offices and has also eliminated hour-long support calls. Employees get the applications they need without any downtime, as well as immediate responses to IT problems with remote control support.

“We no longer hear any complaints about IT and most of that credit goes to ZENworks,” said Keller. “We've significantly increased the productivity of our engineers and architects by giving them the right software in a secure and stable environment.”

CTA also uses ZENworks Patch Management to keep its systems secure and up to date. For example, many employees work with CAD applications that require Microsoft Internet Explorer or the latest version of Microsoft Windows, but the IT team was unable to keep up with patches. Now ZENworks Patch Management automatically tracks and distributes the correct updates.

“In the past, we'd see a virus alert and have to get the whole team together and assign floors and departments to distribute a patch,” said Keller. “ZENworks Patch Management does all that work for us in a fraction of the time and gives us much greater confidence in our corporate security.”

CTA recently lost one its Web proxy servers and was facing a $25,000 upgrade to Windows 2000. Before upgrading, the IT team took a day to install SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server on some existing hardware which now supports the Internet usage for all 12 offices.

“The Board has great confidence in what Linux can do for us,” said Keller. “SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is all encompassing and gives us everything we need out of the box.”


ZENworks has helped CTA Architects Engineers rapidly grow its business with the ability to set up a new office ten times faster. ZENworks has reduced administration time by 70 percent and reduced travel time and costs by 80 percent. With remote management and remote control capabilities, the IT team has reduced the length of its support calls by 80 percent.

CTA estimates that ZENworks paid for itself in the first six months and that it contributes to the company's solid profit margin, which is significantly higher than average for architectural and engineering firms.

“Our success with ZENworks has helped develop an alliance between IT and CTA executive management”, said Keller. “Using ZENworks to get the right tools in the hands of our employees is a critical factor in our business growth. Innovative products from Novell (now a part of Micro Focus) are paving the way for IT to become a strategic partner, rather than a necessary evil.”


Established in 1938 by one Architect and one Engineer, CTA has grown to provide a wide variety of services for a broad range of project types.




United States

North America



  • Ability to set up a new office ten times faster
  • Reduced administration time by 70 percent and reduced travel time and costs by 80 percent
  • Reduced the length of its support calls by 80 percent

"Our success with ZENworks has helped develop an alliance between IT and CTA executive management. Innovative products from Novell are paving the way for IT to become a strategic partner, rather than a necessary evil"

Jeff Keller
IT Director
CTA Architects Engineers

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