Dienstleistungszentren Ländlicher Raum in Rheinland-Pfalz implemented Domain Service for Windows on Open Enterprise Server to seamlessly connect its Citrix XenApp application virtualisation solution to its existing NetIQ eDirectory system, enabling simplified IT operations and user management.

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About Dienstleistungszentren Ländlicher Raum in Rheinland-Pfalz

Dienstleistungszentren Ländlicher Raum in Rheinland-Pfalz (DLR-RP) is a grouping of governmental service centres located in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate. Employing approximately 1,600 employees at 19 locations, the organisation was established to provide services in regional development, reorganisation of land holdings, and vocational education, as well as conducting applied research. A central IT department manages the IT systems for all six of the service centres that form the Dienstleistungszentren Ländlicher Raum.


Following a merger of different organisations, DLR-RP wanted to standardise its system environment to reduce complexity and decrease operating costs. To provide distributed users with specialised database-driven applications, the organisation relies on a Citrix XenApp solution. Having harmonised file and directory services to Open Enterprise Server with NetIQ eDirectory, the next step was to upgrade and re-structure the decentralised Citrix XenApp environment. This upgrade required the implementation and support of a new directory service


Working with Platinum PartnerSM Carpe Diem GmbH, DLR-RP centralised its application virtualisation environment and upgraded the XenApp software to the latest version. Carpe Diem, which is also a Citrix Gold Certified Partner, designed and deployed the new Citrix XenApp solution at DLR-RP. To connect the application virtualisation environment to the organisation’s NetIQ eDirectory service, DLR-RP deployed Domain Services for Windows on Open Enterprise Server. Domain Services for Windows enables the organisation’s NetIQ eDirectory solution to simulate a Microsoft Active Directory environment, allowing easier integration with a wide range of applications. The software is designed to simplify the network infrastructure, reducing costs and streamlining IT operations. It also provides seamless interoperability between applications that require Active Directory services.

DLR-RP runs approximately 40 virtual NetIQ eDirectory servers for its 1,600 users. To ensure high levels of availability, the organisation uses redundant DNS servers to connect its 300 Citrix users to the Domain Services for Windows solution. For optimised resource utilisation, all Open Enterprise Server systems operate in a virtualised environment based on VMware. “We are happy with NetIQ eDirectory and wanted to avoid managing a second directory service,” said Herbert Paschke, Team Leader of IT Systems at Dienstleistungszentrum Ländlicher Raum Rheinhessen-Nahe-Hunsrück. “Domain Services for Windows provides exactly the functionality we need to operate our new application virtualisation solution with NetIQ eDirectory.”


Following the implementation of the new solution, DLR-RP has not experienced a single instance of downtime. “The Novell (now a part of Micro Focus) solution is 100 percent reliable,” said Herbert Paschke. “Even at our remote locations, up to 200 km away from headquarters, we see very good performance with no reliability issues.”

By implementing Domain Services for Windows, the organisation has avoided additional licensing costs, because the software is included as part of the Open Enterprise Server package. Consolidating several application virtualisation solutions on one Citrix XenApp farm also helps to significantly reduce licensing costs for the whole IT landscape. Furthermore, the entire solution is supported by us, Citrix and Microsoft.

In addition, Carpe Diem’s ability to provide a pre-configured Domain Services for Windows solution helped to reduce implementation time and complexity substantially.

The successful implementation of Domain Services for Windows has enabled DLR-RP to integrate Active Directory applications without the need to implement and manage a second directory service. This enables standardised user management across different environments in the central NetIQ eDirectory, cutting the administration workload considerably. This is much simpler for users, since they can always access their saved data, regardless of whether they are working on XenApp or a full desktop client.

“As we have a great deal of experience with Open Enterprise Server, by deploying Domain Services for Windows we can run applications that rely on Active Directory services with our existing knowledge,” said Herbert Paschke. “We save costs because no additional training is required to operate the system. In addition, we have a reliable solution in place that we can now leverage for any other applications that depend on Active Directory in the future.”

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Dienstleistungszentren Ländlicher Raum in Rheinland-Pfalz provides agricultural and educational services in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate








  • Provided 100 percent reliability in connecting Citrix XenApp to NetIQ eDirectory.
  • Avoided implementation of a second directory service, saving licensing and administration costs
  • Ensured interoperability with NetIQ eDirectory for applications that rely on Active Directory services

"The Novell solution is 100 percent reliable. Even at our remote locations, up to 200 km away from headquarters, we experienced no issues and reported very good performance."


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