Holman Fenwick Willan required a complete and robust endpoint management solution to support its newly implemented Microsoft* Windows* 7 desktop environment. The firm deployed a suite of ZENworks® solutions, extending its ability to control and manage remote machines, automating many software maintenance processes and accelerating the deployment of new software.

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About Holman Fenwick Willan LLP

Holman Fenwick Willan LLP is a global law firm operating in 13 offices across 10 countries worldwide. Winner of the ‘Global Shipping and Maritime Law Firm of the Year 2010,’ the firm has a reputation for excellence and innovation and focuses on the core sectors of commodities, energy, finance, insurance and reinsurance, shipping and transport.


Having recently upgraded to Microsoft Windows 7 across its entire infrastructure, Holman Fenwick Willan required a desktop management solution to support this new environment and to minimise the business disruption associated with patches and upgrades for both the operating system and applications.

As an international firm, many of Holman Fenwick Willan’s lawyers and partners travel regularly and use remote devices to access corporate applications and data. To support these users effectively, the firm needed a management solution able to deliver software updates to users’ remote devices.

In addition, Holman Fenwick Willan required a new messaging platform to facilitate communication between office managers in international offices and the firm’s IT team in London. “A number of our overseas offices do not have on-site IT technicians, so their office managers rely entirely on the London IT team for technical support,” said Simon Rees, Technical Services Manager (EMEA), Holman Fenwick Willan LLP. “We required a means of providing 24/7 secure and direct contact between international office managers and members of our UK IT team.”


Holman Fenwick Willan compared a Microsoft solution with the latest edition of ZENworks software, comprising ZENworks Configuration Management, ZENworks Asset Management, ZENworks Endpoint Security Management and ZENworks Patch Management. “We felt that the ZENworks solutions offered greater ease-of-use and manageability for our IT team,” said Rees. “Our previous positive experience of ZENworks also informed our decision to opt for the Novell (now a part of Micro Focus) solution.”

Our solution now covers all 1,200 devices across Holman Fenwick Willan’s 13 offices worldwide, providing a single, central point of control for managing IT assets, security, configuration, patches and software deployment.

Holman Fenwick Willan used ZENworks Configuration Management to test application bundles for its new Windows 7 environment. “We ran a one-month pilot programme in which we created and distributed application bundles to a small group of users and requested their feedback,” said Rees. “If changes were required, we were able to easily incorporate these into the application bundles before rolling them out to our entire user base.” “The rollout of new patches or software updates has been made supremely easy with ZENworks Configuration Management,” said Rees. “If our devices require new patches, we are able to deliver these quickly and efficiently overnight, without causing any disruption to users.”

Holman Fenwick Willan is also using ZENworks to provision software updates to remote user devices, enabling the rapid delivery of software updates to users, wherever they are in the world. To facilitate communication between its IT team in London and office managers in international offices, IT technicians at Holman Fenwick Willan are now using GroupWise® Messenger. The solution is also available on BlackBerry* devices, enabling global office managers to securely contact IT technicians in London for 24/7 IT support.


Upgrading to the latest versions of ZENworks software has enabled Holman Fenwick Willan to create a standardised end-user environment for its new Windows 7 operating system. “As an expanding law firm, it is very important to retain consistency in our technology,” said Simon Rees. “With the ZENworks solution, we have been able to standardise the software applications running on desktops across our offices and on users’ remote devices.”

With ZENworks Asset Management in place, the organisation has an accurate picture of its global hardware and software assets, improving IT planning and budgetary control, and simplifying compliance with software licensing conditions. The centralised control and automation provided by our solutions allow the relatively small IT team in London to serve a large global base of users with ease.

“With ZENworks Configuration Management, we can create software bundles in just 30 minutes, and roll these out to all user devices automatically from a central point of control,” said Simon Rees. “There’s no question that without the ZENworks solutions, we would have to employ a number of additional IT consultants to run manual rollouts. The Novell technology works seamlessly and is easy to use and manage—we couldn’t ask for more!”

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International law firm operating in 13 offices worldwide




United Kingdom




  • Created a standardised end-user environment for new Windows 7 landscape
  • Enabled the creation of ready-to-deploy software bundles in 30 minutes
  • Improved IT contingency procedures in the firm’s international offices

"As an expanding law firm, it is very important to retain consistency in our technology. With the ZENworks solution we have been able to standardize the software running on desktops across our offices and on users’ remote devices."

Simon Rees
Technical Services Manager (EMEA)
Holman Fenwick Willan LLP

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