Il Sole 24 Ore meets strict service level agreements and improves helpdesk efficiency by replacing two solutions with Micro Focus Service Desk.

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About Il Sole 24 Ore

Founded in Milan in 1865, Il Sole 24 Ore is the third best-selling Italian newspaper. Providing in-depth analysis of events and issues in politics, the economy, legislation, and Italian and international financial markets, Il Sole 24 Ore is a point of reference for current affairs for both professionals and households.


Il Sole 24 Ore’s core business activities—from producing and distributing high-quality newspapers to online subscriptions and advertising—are supported by IT systems that need to be up and running at all times.

To keep its mission-critical IT systems running smoothly, the company relies on its helpdesk team. Il Sole 24 Ore had to ensure resolution times remained compliant with strict service level agreements (SLAs) to maintaining strong relationships with its sponsors in the advertising and financial sectors.

The company’s helpdesk solution was based on two separate applications—one for internal users (the company’s employees and commercial agents), and one for external clients and subscribers. Both solutions were growing old and the cost and complexity of delivering helpdesk services was increasing, threatening Il Sole 24 Ore’s ability to meet its SLAs.

Salvatore Petrucci, system architect and IT administrator at Il Sole 24 Ore, said, “Relying on multiple legacy tools to run our helpdesk made it extremely difficult to complete essential tasks in a timely manner—from setting up a workstation for a new employee, to fixing issues with our website. Also, as both our solutions had not been fully developed, we had to outsource additional software updates and changes to third parties, which made the whole process even more lengthy and costly to manage.

“In a worst-case scenario, we knew that missing an SLA could lead to the loss of a major sponsor. To prevent that from happening, we wanted to increase the operational- and cost-efficiency of our helpdesks.”


To integrate and unify its SLA management approach, and to support change management processes, Il Sole 24 Ore decided to replace its disparate support systems with a single, centralized helpdesk solution.

“Of all the helpdesk solutions we tested, we felt that Service Desk offered the optimal balance of functionality, ease of use, configurability and simple integration to meet our needs,” said Petrucci. “We realized that Service Desk would remove the need for separate, inflexible and costly legacy helpdesk systems, enabling us to boost the efficiency of our support services.”

Service Desk integrates the management of core IT processes—from incident logging to change management—through a single point of control.

Il Sole 24 Ore engaged Hogwart, a consultancy company, to help define, implement and integrate the new solution, and to define a complete IT Service Catalog.

“The support that Hogwart provided throughout the project was excellent,” said Petrucci.

“Thanks to Hogwart’s training and the intuitive design of Service Desk processes, our support teams were able to start using the new solution rapidly, added Paolo Cimmino, IT Asset and Helpdesk Manager at Il Sole 24 Ore.


With the Service Desk solution in place, Il Sole 24 Ore has simplified, integrated, and accelerated its IT helpdesk management processes, enabling the company to meet the all-important SLAs with its major sponsors.

“Thanks to Service Desk, we succeeded in replacing our old, heterogeneous helpdesk solution with a gold-standard product, centralizing and streamlining our helpdesk operations,” said Petrucci. Now we can identify, prioritize and resolve issues much faster than before, and take immediate action to prevent resolution times from exceeding our SLAs. Tight control of our SLAs also helps us to design more tailored, effective service agreements—a key selling point when negotiating future high-value sponsorship deals.”

Cimmino said, “Service Desk enables us to improve the efficiency of our full range of support services: from provisioning a workstation for a new employee, to fixing issues on the company website. By using Service Desk as a single point of control for end-to-end service management, we have reduced the cost and complexity of our previous heterogeneous helpdesk systems.

“We are satisfied with our Service Desk solution from Hogwart,” said Petrucci. “Service Desk has enabled the comprehensive, cost-efficient service-management capabilities we need to stay well within our SLAs—keeping the business running smoothly, and helping us to deliver the high-quality service our sponsors expect.”

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Il Sole 24 Ore is Italy’s and one of Europe’s most-read economic and financial newspapers, as well as the most popular digital newspaper in Italy with 115.366 copies issued. (source: ADS—November 2013)








  • Centralized and streamlined helpdesk operations.
  • Accelerated the identification, prioritization, and resolution of issues.
  • Designed tailored, more effective service agreements.
  • Reduced helpdesk-system costs.

"Service Desk has enabled the comprehensive, cost-efficient service-management capabilities we need to stay well within our SLAs—keeping the business running smoothly and helping us to deliver the high-quality service our users expect."


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