As an IT solutions company with many diverse clients, SwitchDesk relied on the primary engineer assigned to each client to track key information about that account. If the primary engineer was unavailable to help with a problem, the client was left hanging. Now, with Micro Focus® Vibe, no client has to wait for a solution.

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About SwitchDesk, Inc.

When you call yourself an IT solutions company, it’s not good to keep clients waiting for a solution. You can’t afford to create a bottleneck when a key team member is out of reach. Just ask Chris Clark, president of SwitchDesk, an IT consulting company with offices in Tennessee and Alabama.


“For anyone other than the primary engineer for the account, obtaining information about a client’s environment was tedious and inefficient because it was usually stored on the primary engineer’s hard drive,” Clark explains. “Or, if it was available in a shared folder, it wasn’t in a consistent format or it wasn’t complete.”


To alleviate this bottleneck, SwitchDesk implemented Vibe. “We created customer workspaces for each of our customers and a folder in each customer workspace that we call ‘Environment Information.’ Now this information is available to everyone in a complete and consistent manner,” he says.
They also created a workspace template so that new customer information can be entered from a mobile device while scoping every new project.

The first test of how valuable Vibe could be came when the primary engineer for an account was unavailable and another engineer had to step in. “The backup engineer was able to go into Vibe, find all of the information, and resolve the issue without calling the primary engineer once! This was a first for our company,” he says.

SwitchDesk also created a form and workflow in Vibe to accommodate requests for customer quotes, proposals, demos and training. “We built reminders and notifications into the workflow so the request can be tracked and various team members can be held accountable to ensure the customer gets what they need,” Clark says


The form design tools included in Vibe proved invaluable to SwitchDesk. “It saved us a lot of time and gave us a lot of ideas,” he says. “In addition, our quality has increased. When I go to install a new service, we create a task list that everyone can see, so if there’s anything missing, we can improve upon it in real time.”
Using Vibe to track license expirations for their customers allows the company to proactively provide the services customers need, when they need them. “They don’t have to reach out to us,” Clark says. “We reach out to them.” This process has increased renewal rates and customer satisfaction, two important metrics for success in the consulting business.

“Vibe is an awesome product that has helped us eliminate bottlenecks and has made us more efficient by allowing us to consolidate and control vital information,” he says. More importantly, it gives them first-hand experience they can share with customers who are interested in Vibe.

SwitchDesk continues to expand its use
of Vibe by implementing forms and workflows for time-off requests, a company knowledgebase, project management and expense reporting.

“The more we use Vibe,” Clark adds, “the more ideas come in from our staff about new ways to use it. Vibe is a product with infinite potential. We’re excited to offer it to our customers, because we’ve experienced that potential ourselves.”

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Founded in 2001, SwitchDesk is an IT consulting company serving clients in diverse environments—including us, Linux, Microsoft and Apple— and markets.




United States

North America



  • Eliminated bottlenecks and delays when key team members were out of contact.
  • Created workflows that expedited proposals, training and demos.
  • Increased renewals with automatic reminders for license expirations.

"The backup engineer was able to go into Vibe, find all of the information, and resolve the issue without calling the primary engineer once! This was a first for our company."

SwitchDesk, Inc.

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