This UK-based healthcare provider found it costly and time-consuming to deliver effective IT support to its user base of more than 8,000 staff, many of whom work on the move. By deploying ZENworks Configuration Management and ZENworks Asset Management, the organization has gained an accurate picture of software assets and enabled fast remote management, saving considerable time and effort for IT staff.

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About UK Healthcare Provider

This UK healthcare provider delivers a range of physical and mental health services, which are provided outside of hospital facilities, in the community. The organization works closely with a network of healthcare companies to deliver accessible services to patients, through GP practices, clinics and health centers, and in patients’ homes.


Serving a large catchment area, with a population of more than 500,000 people, the organization employs some 4,400 people across more than 80 different locations. In all, the healthcare provider manages devices and accounts for more than 8,000 users, including its own staff, as well as employees in partner organizations, such as GPs.

A spokesperson said, “It was a real challenge to ensure consistent levels of IT service and support across all sites for such a large number of users, the majority of whom worked remotely. If we could not give staff fast, consistent access to vital applications and information, we risked compromising on the level of care that was given to patients.”

IT staff were relying on entirely manual processes to manage all user accounts, and to install new software and application upgrades. This was a time-consuming and costly approach, which carried a significant degree of business risk. Without a controlled way of applying security updates or rolling out a new piece of software, the IT team could not guarantee that every device was fully patched or up-to-date.


Aware that significant changes were needed, IT staff submitted a business case for renewing the organization’s infrastructure and introducing a more automated approach to software and device management.

“We performed a full analysis of our IT estate and found that we had an early version of ZENworks installed, but it had not been properly configured and the team had not been trained to use it,” said a spokesperson.

The healthcare provider decided to upgrade to the latest version of ZENworks, an integrated family of products that delivers comprehensive endpoint management. The organization takes advantage of two of the solution’s key products: ZENworks Asset Management and ZENworks Configuration Management.

ZENworks Asset Management offers a complete view of IT assets from a single, centralized platform, helping the IT team to keep a close track on software installations, usage and licensing across its vast estate.

“Previously, we didn’t have an accurate inventory of software, and couldn’t reliably know when a certain application had been installed or which versions were being used,” said a spokesperson. “ZENworks Asset Management gives us insight into our technology assets like never before, allowing us to easily keep track of what software is deployed at all our locations.”

With ZENworks Configuration Management, the IT department has been able to automate the management of its large estate of Windows-based devices, which operate in a virtualized environment. The solution lets administrators manage devices remotely from a web-based console, without sacrificing performance or functionality.

“ZENworks Configuration Management allows us to deploy new software, fixes and patches from a central location to any device, which gives us much greater control over the process of managing workstations and servers,” said a spokesperson.


The healthcare provider has significantly streamlined software maintenance and support tasks with ZENworks. Automated, remote management of IT assets saves considerable time and effort, and frees up IT staff to focus on higher-value work.

“Using ZENworks we can deploy and update software remotely, with very limited manual intervention,” said a spokesperson. “Now that our IT staff no longer have to physically visit different sites to apply patches or fix issues, we have seen impressive time savings and efficiency gains.

The accelerated process of delivering software updates with ZENworks has been well-received by users, who benefit from a more reliable working environment, with faster deployment of new functionality and security updates.

“The response from our users has been very positive, and we are all very happy with how far we have come,” said a spokesperson. “This project has been a real quantum leap for our organization—we have come from a high- risk, manual management approach to a modern, integrated platform with ZENworks. By investing in this kind of robust technology, we can provide our users with the solid foundation they need to deliver the best care.”

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Healthcare provider, responsible for delivering community-based physical and mental health services to more than 500,000 people


Health Care


United States

North America



  • Provides a trusted, up-to-date view of IT assets
  • Reduces requirements for on-site visits, saving time and effort
  • Automates software maintenance and support tasks, freeing up IT staff for more strategic work

"This project has been a real quantum leap for our organization—we have come from a high-risk, manual management approach to a modern, integrated platform with ZENworks."


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